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Image Archive

All images in this section are used for historical purposes only, showing the U.S. National Video Game Team®'s various initiatives from back in the day. Click on the image you want to see for more context, and scroll left and right from there to see more.


If you have vintage images of the team in action that you'd like to pass along, please use the Contact link to reach out. We'd love to hear from you!

SNK Party
Competition Jacket
USNVGT shirt
Incredible Sunday
Player's Seal of Approval
Player's Seal of Approval
Player's Seal of Approval
Master's Tournament
Guinness World Records
Jeff Peters in the Sun
USA Today
Tips Video
RBI Baseball
The 1985 USNVGT
Pac-Man Fever
U.S. National Video Game Team®
The Pac-Men
Double Dragon
Iron Tank
Three Amigos
Jeff Peters
Beware I Live
Genesis Does
Game Testers
Press Kit
Press Kit
Press Kit
Press Kit
Play Tester
Electronic Gaming Monthly
APA International Scoreboard
Membership Cards
More Ottumwa
Jackets Recovered
Historical Display
Martin Alessi at CES 1990
Electronic Game Player
Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf
USNVGT poster
Play Meter Magazine
Nintendo Power
Business Cards
Tim McVey Day
U.S. National Video Game Team® shirt
1983 Tour

Many more images in here than the thumbnails show. Click and scroll to see them all and check back as more are added!

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