Current Members

The current active members of the U.S. National Video Game Team®. Members are listed by alphabetical order using first name.


In keeping with tradition, the USNVGT is made up of members with a wide variety of experience from multiple viewpoints within the video game world. If you'd like to know more, use the Contact link. We'd love to hear from you!

Chris Tang

Veteran competitor & developer

Winner of numerous contests in the 1990s, Chris brings experience as both a gamer and developer to the USNVGT. In 1990, he won Los Angeles in the Nintendo World Championships tour, following it up in 1994 by winning SEGA's Rock the Rock contest on MTV. At E3 2000, he won the Marvel VS Capcom 2 tournament. 

Currently part of Hitsparks Games, Chris has worked in the past with Atari Games, Capcom and Blue Planet Software on titles such as Primal Rage and Street Fighter III. He also emcees the annual Tetris World Championships events. 

Donn Nauert

1988 Team Captain, Educator

Donn is back with the USNVGT after a stint in the late 1980s as Team Captain. During that time, Donn was virtually everywhere, appearing in television commercials for the Atari 7800, officiating a Nintendo competition on That's Incredible's Incredible Sunday and appearing in the Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes and Strategies videocassette series. His world records on arcade games such as Crossbow, Cheyenne and Alien Syndrome have stood for over 30 years.

Later, Donn would move into the industry side, working with companies such as Acclaim Entertainment and THQ during the 1990s. During this time, he landed as a hidden character in the game WCW Nitro. Today, Nauert is a teacher in Austin, Texas and is working to establish youth eSports as an officially sanctioned school activity.

Jeff Peters

1980s Team Director and Alumnus, Current Advisor

One of the earliest USNVGT members in the 1980s, Jeff set world records on a variety of arcade titles. His Time Pilot, Pole Position II and other world records have stood for more than three decades.


He was pivotal in the post-Walter Day era of the Team, partnering with Steve Harris to establish the business and promotional side of the USNVGT as well being an active player. During this time, they acquired the rights to the Twin Galaxies Scoreboard, incorporating it into an entity named the APA International Scoreboard, which received mentions in Nintendo Fun Club News and mainstream media. During the 1980’s, Jeff was instrumental in the planning and execution of national competitive tournaments as well as high score recording and verification.


He also developed the USNVGT and APA publications Top Score, Electronic Game Player Magazine and eventually the iconic Electronic Gaming Monthly, all during an era when others said video game media was dead. EGM's earliest days operated out of the Southern California home that had belonged to Jeff's grandmother.


He would move into the development world next, working with SNK and later with Electronic Arts for nine years, with many top ten games under his belt, before returning to his independent and entrepreneurial roots.

Lonnie McDonald

Joust champion, business professional

Lonnie McDonald's hunger for arcade dominance is second only to his tremendous experience in the business world. The mix of these two competitive interests brings the USNVGT an asset in all types of situations.

Recognized by Williams Electronics in 1982, Lonnie decided in recent years to prove once again that he is one of the best Joust players of all time. His desire would eventually see him leaving his name at the top of surviving original Joust games in all 50 states, including at the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas and at the former site of Williams Electronics near Chicago. In 2016, he won a "cutthroat rules" tournament on the game at the Let's Play Gaming Expo before defeating John Newcomer - the creator of the game - in a special live exhibition match. 

Patrick Scott Patterson

Co-owner, gaming historian & preservationist

Patterson serves as one of the co-owners of this new effort to preserve the full history of the USNVGT. Gaming since 1981, Scott has worked for ages to study, teach and preserve all things related to the history of video games and the culture around them. A fan of the Team in the 1980s, Patterson obtained the trademark in 2015 so that the historic landmarks set by past incarnations of the USNVGT would no longer be at risk. 

Scott's efforts have been covered by dozens of mainstream media outlets including NBC News, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today and numerous network affiliates. He has also worked with several media outlets including NBCUniversal and hosted speaking engagements about video game history at events such as San Diego Comic-Con and SXSW. In 2009, he worked with G4tv to produce the first-ever arcade world record attempt on live television during the E3 event and was invited to Stanford University in 2011 to become the first gamer in history to play microbial video games. 

Tim McVey

Co-owner, milestone-setting champion of 1984

A member of one of the very first versions of the USNVGT, Tim McVey was part of numerous firsts in competitive video gaming and the surrounding culture. In 1984, he was the first player in history to score more than 1 billion points on a video game, accomplishing the feat on Rock-Ola cult classic Nibbler at the Twin Galaxies arcade. For his achievement, Tim had a civic day named in his honor and received the key to the city of Ottumwa, Iowa - both marking a first in video gaming. 

In more recent years, McVey and his wife Tina have been involved in helping numerous historic efforts in the town of Ottumwa and related communities. His life story was told in documentary film Man VS Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, along with a return to regain his one-time glory on the obscure yet challenging game. In the process, he became the first marathon game player from the early 1980s to set records both then and in the modern era. Eager to help preserve it's history, McVey was instrumental in obtaining the trademark required to lock down this historic effort. 

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